Document Management System

Use emPower’s Document Management System to share relevant resources with your team or specific groups.

Document Management System

Everything you need to emPower your eLearning

Upload and Share Resources

  • Upload documents in any format - video, images, docs, links


  • Organize the documents in folders

Custom Assignment

  • Assign to specific groups and users as per roles
  • Each user can only access the documents they are assigned to

Document Management System

All Features

Reports and To-do

Review performance, track progress and gain insight into training impact with reports, to-do lists and dashboards.

Create your own Quizzes

Create custom quizzes to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your learners.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails to send them automatically to users to remind them for to complete the course/policies.

Customized Solution

Access the LMS right from your website. Your look and feel, your logo and custom link.

Scheduled Reports

Create custom reports that are auto delivered to each user’s email.

News and Updates

Add or schedule important news and updates about your organization. Turn your LMS into a bulletin board!

Multi-level user access

Supervisor, Admin, Group Head, Center Manager - you choose what access each user has.

Upload your own courses

You can upload your own courses (pdf, ppt, doc, SCORM formats) and attach them to custom quizzes.

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