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Security Awareness Training

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What is Security Awareness

Protecting your data and business from cyber attacks demands robust security awareness training. Such training requires good training courses as well as reliable training management software. emPower provides you both. Along with a suite of 22+ IT security awareness courses, emPower gives you access to its proprietary LMS. Best security awareness training programs call for training and retraining. They also call for identifying the weak spots. And you can do both with emPower.

The training covers all aspects of information security. The most urgent ones, such as Dealing with malware and using mobile devices; the most important ones, such as good password practices and device security; and the most basic courses as well, such as fax security and document retention and destruction.

Information Security

Security Awareness Course Overview

Key Highlights

Fully automated Simulated Phishing Attacks

Integrated training with interactive courses

Social engineering & Mobile security awareness

Role based and Risk based assignments

Organizational and Team-wise threat reports

Globally compatible (SCORM 1.2, xAPI, AICC)

Contains real life scenarios and use cases

Includes Quiz and Personalized Certificate

Available in multiple

Web, Mobile and Tablet

20-30 min courses with

Based on Adult Learning Principles

What you will learn

emPower’s security awareness training program covers more than 20+ topics. Starting from introduction to information security, the training program covers good password practices, mobile device security, and dealing with malware.

During the training program, your employees would be tested on every topic that they learn about. And based on their performance, you can reassign them to retraining. For instance, upon training your workers on email security, you find them vulnerable to spam attacks. You can assign them a phishing module.

Whether your business deals with medical records or credit card information, using emPower you can train your workers to follow the safeguards needed for safeguarding your data.

Why it is important

To protect your business from dangerous cyber criminals, you need to ensure that your workers and contractors follow the best information security practices. Your employees need to know how to use their mobile phones, how to use their computers, and how to access work documents when working from out of office.

You can achieve this with our security awareness LMS. Along with 20+ cyber security courses, you’ll also get to use our proprietary policy attestation, online library, and training management systems. And, you can subscribe to our simulated phishing tests as well.

With so many tools at hand, you can rely upon your team to keep your business safe from malicious cyber attacks and other information security threats.

Security Awareness Certification

We provide Security Awareness Training and certification to the organization. It helps employees understand the importance of Security Awareness and teaches them how to identify potential threats and respond appropriately.

Get your Security Awareness Certification in 30 minutes
clery act animation
Real-world Simulations
Continuous Learning and Support
Unlimited access and test tries
Works on all devices - mobile, tablets, PCs

Award Winning Security Awareness Compliance Training

One of the best learning management systems in its category. With a phenomenal web-based mobile friendly user interface, emPower has transformed the traditional compliance management space. With its cloud based interactive technology, everyday training activities have become fun and fulfilling.

Create your own white-labeled online course

Partners can white label the emPower learning management system as required. Modules can be activated and deactivated. Employee training, policy attestation, document management, simulated phishing tests, surveys, and checklists, you can use any or all the modules.

Agencies can rebrand their learning portals with their logo and language. Limit or grant administrative access. Create and upload their own content. emPower is your one stop solution for training and regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits of emPower LMS

Reports and To-do

Review performance, track progress and gain insight into training impact with reports, to-do lists and dashboards.

Customized Solution

Access the LMS right from your website. Your look and feel, your logo and custom link.

Multi-level user access

Supervisor, Admin, Group Head, Center Manager - you choose what access each user has.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails to send them automatically to users to remind them for to complete the course/policies.

White labeling

Partners can use their own domains for the learning portals, and rebrand the learning management system to meet their clients’ requirements.

Create your own Quizzes

Create custom quizzes to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your learners.

Upload your own courses

You can upload your own courses (pdf, ppt, doc, SCORM formats) and attach them to custom quizzes.

News and Updates

Add or schedule important news and updates about your organization. Turn your LMS into a bulletin board!

Scheduled Reports

Create custom reports that are auto delivered to each user’s email.

Surveys and checklists

Conduct company wide surveys and collect information from your customers and clients.

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FAQ about Security Awareness Training

What is security awareness?

Security awareness covers all topics that you need to know to safeguard your data. Your personal records are as valuable as the information that you come upon at work. Attending a security awareness program would help you to understand the value of information and how to protect it from thieves and accidents.

Why is security awareness important?

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are the three basic traits of data security. Taking security awareness training can help you understand these three traits, and how to safeguard your data from different threats.

What are the common security threats?

Recently addressing cyber threats has become the top priority of all organizations. But, apart from cyber threats, you need to become aware of physical and environmental threats as well. Unless prepared for, a flood or storm can cause as much damage as a ransomware attack.

What is the role of employees in maintaining security?

You need to consider employees as the weakest link in your IT security program. Bad password habits, misuse of mobile devices and lack of Internet hygiene pose a serious information security risk. To safeguard your business, you must ensure that all workers go through security awareness training.

What are some ways to improve security awareness?

Attending security awareness training should be your top priority. You need to know how to secure your computers and mobile devices. In addition, simulated phishing tests can help weed out your weaknesses.

How can I protect my personal information online?

The best safeguard is to not to store your sensitive data online. That apart, secure your computers and mobile devices. This can be done with strong passwords and installing anti-malware programs. Plus, attend a good IT security awareness program.