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What is Food Safety

Food safety compliance isn’t a choice. For food handlers, whether they work in restaurants, hotels, or hospitals, food safety is a constant concern. Because of this, it’s important for you and your employees to take food safety training courses. Such training would help them learn how to handle food safely.

For this, emPower provides comprehensive learning modules for food handlers and food managers. Your managers, supervisors, and staff can take these courses online using their mobile phones and tablets from anywhere. With emPower, you can monitor their learning, and retrain if required. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep records of their training for compliance purposes.

Food Safety

Food Safety Course Overview

Key Highlights

Audio Visual content to retain information

Immediate access to printable certificates

Integrated Policy Attestation module

Role based and Risk based assignments

Organizational and Team-wise threat reports

Globally compatible (SCORM 1.2, xAPI, AICC)

Contains real life scenarios and use cases

Includes Quiz and Personalized Certificate

Available in multiple

Web, Mobile and Tablet

20-30 min courses with

Based on Adult Learning Principles

What you will learn

emPower’s food safety module has two courses – food handler training and food managers training. The food handler training is perfect for food servers and kitchen staff. On the other hand, the food manager training would work perfectly for supervisors and managers.

With the online self-paced food safety courses, you can train your staff in controlling contamination, addressing personal hygiene, and addressing personal hygiene. In addition, your staff would learn about microbiological hazards, pest control, and how to avoid food poisoning. In essence, your staff would understand the value of food safety management, and how to make it happen at your workplace.

Why it is important

Food handlers, supervisors and managers need appropriate food safety and food hygiene knowledge. As they are involved in preparation, storing and handling of food, they need to develop skills to handle food properly. They also need to understand the relationship between the prevention of food borne illnesses and personal hygiene.

The purpose of these food safety courses is to share procedures, skills and knowledge needed for safe food handling. We’ll also help you to understand the food safety compliance regulations that you need to comply with. 

Food managers and supervisors would learn about food safety management as well. In essence, this training would help employers  to run their food establishment safely.

Award Winning Compliance Training

One of the best learning management systems in its category. With a phenomenal web-based mobile friendly user interface, emPower has transformed the traditional compliance management space. With its cloud based interactive technology, everyday training activities have become fun and fulfilling.

Create your own white-labeled online course

Partners can white label the emPower learning management system as required. Modules can be activated and deactivated. Employee training, policy attestation, document management, simulated phishing tests, surveys, and checklists, you can use any or all the modules.

Agencies can rebrand their learning portals with their logo and language. Limit or grant administrative access. Create and upload their own content. emPower is your one stop solution for training and regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits of emPower LMS 

Reports and To-do

Review performance, track progress and gain insight into training impact with reports, to-do lists and dashboards.

Customized Solution

Access the LMS right from your website. Your look and feel, your logo and custom link.

Multi-level user access

Supervisor, Admin, Group Head, Center Manager - you choose what access each user has.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails to send them automatically to users to remind them for to complete the course/policies.

White labeling

Partners can use their own domains for the learning portals, and rebrand the learning management system to meet their clients’ requirements.

Create your own Quizzes

Create custom quizzes to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your learners.

Upload your own courses

You can upload your own courses (pdf, ppt, doc, SCORM formats) and attach them to custom quizzes.

News and Updates

Add or schedule important news and updates about your organization. Turn your LMS into a bulletin board!

Scheduled Reports

Create custom reports that are auto delivered to each user’s email.

Surveys and checklists

Conduct company wide surveys and collect information from your customers and clients.

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For food handlers, personal hygiene is of prime importance. Washing hands regularly and properly is necessary. You should follow the standard way of washing your hands. This should be done frequently and before you handle food.

By practicing the four C’s of food hygiene properly, you can avoid food contamination and the foodborne illnesses that result from contamination. Here are the four C’s:  clean, contain, cook, and chill.

Firstly, wash your hands properly and regularly. Secondly, wear a clean uniform. Third, if you have contracted a contagious illness, do not go to work. And lastly, wear protective clothing to avoid any chances of contamination.

For food, temperature between 40 to 140 degrees is considered the danger zone. Ensure that perishable food is kept out of this temperature range. This would prevent bacterial growth, and keep your food safe.