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If you’re planning to train your workers, we recommend that you go for an LMS. Specifically, a cloud based LMS. This is because an LMS would help you keep training records. Training records are essential for those who need to comply with federal and state regulations. And if you go for a cloud based LMS, you can reduce costs, and run your training program efficiently.

Lower expenses and storing records are just the first two benefits of using an LMS. Let us look at them as well. Firstly, you’ll be able to run your training program more smoothly than the traditional training set up. Secondly, you can serve web-based training to your employees. Scorm compliant LMS training can be really fun. You’ll be able to serve interactive courses. You’ll be able to serve videos, audio recordings, games, and so much more.

That apart, the best LMS for corporate training, also cover policy attestation, document wallet, surveys, and company announcements as well. So, if you are looking for corporate training solutions, you should look for these features as well. But, if you are looking for a healthcare learning management system, you will need additional features, such as training reports, compliance and non-compliance reports, and so on.

Learning Management

Everything you need to emPower your eLearning

Connect with your students. Train them. Monitor their learning. With emPower, you can manage all your training programs remotely and across the globe from your desk and your phone.

You can use the emPower learning management system to create and upload training courses, send them to your students, monitor their progress, and store training history. This is perfect for regulatory compliance. Using 20+ reports, you can create training records for your entire organization. Plus, you can upload company policies, share them, and record policy signatures.  

Learning Management

  • 100+ of trainings available from emPower Catalog
  • Upload and add your own internal trainings
  • Interactive and Engaging courses with real world examples

Automated Reminders

  • Automate tracking and monitoring
  • Track start and finish dates and number of test tries
  • Set automated reminders to users to complete trainings

Dashboard and Analytics

  • View entire organizations’ compliance summary
  • 20+ Actionable Reports
  • Schedule reports to get the details right in your inbox

Award Winning Compliance Training LMS

One of the best learning management systems in its category. With a phenomenal web-based mobile friendly user interface, emPower has transformed the traditional compliance management space. With its cloud based interactive technology, everyday training activities have become fun and fulfilling.

Create your own white-labeled online course

Partners can white label the emPower learning management system as required. Modules can be activated and deactivated. Employee training, policy attestation, document management, simulated phishing tests, surveys, and checklists, you can use any or all the modules.

Agencies can rebrand their learning portals with their logo and language. Limit or grant administrative access. Create and upload their own content. emPower is your one stop solution for training and regulatory compliance.

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Why use emPower LMS for compliance training?

Reports and To-do

Review performance, track progress and gain insight into training impact with reports, to-do lists and dashboards.

Customized Solution

Access the LMS right from your website. Your look and feel, your logo and custom link.

Multi-level user access

Supervisor, Admin, Group Head, Center Manager - you choose what access each user has.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails to send them automatically to users to remind them for to complete the course/policies.

White labeling

Partners can use their own domains for the learning portals, and rebrand the learning management system to meet their clients’ requirements.

Create your own Quizzes

Create custom quizzes to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your learners.

Upload your own courses

You can upload your own courses (pdf, ppt, doc, SCORM formats) and attach them to custom quizzes.

News and Updates

Add or schedule important news and updates about your organization. Turn your LMS into a bulletin board!

Scheduled Reports

Create custom reports that are auto delivered to each user’s email.

Surveys and checklists

Conduct company wide surveys and collect information from your customers and clients.

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FAQ about Learning Management System

What does LMS mean in healthcare?

Apart from conducting training, healthcare organizations need to maintain records of their training activities. Using a cloud-based LMS, such as emPower, hospitals and clinics can facilitate round-the-clock training of their work force and manage their learning outcomes.

What is an LMS in training?

LMS allows businesses to take control of their training activities. With a cloud-based LMS, you can reach out to your workers using the Internet, train them, and monitor their progress from your phone and computer.

Which LMS features are essential for your training needs?

Whether you are in healthcare or run a mailing business, you need to keep track of all your training activities. Regulatory compliance demands it. Mobile compatible learning is also essential. Plus, your LMS should support internal communication between departments.

What are the LMS for compliance?

LMS (Learning Management Systems) for compliance are digital platforms designed to deliver, track, and manage compliance training, ensuring that employees meet regulatory and organizational standards efficiently.

What is the best training method for employees?

With so many workers now working remotely, mobile based learning has become an essential part of employee training. With interactive mobile-based training courses, you can guarantee excellent learning outcomes. Learning management systems, such as emPower support mobile learning and allow trainers to monitor learning outcomes online.

What is compliance management training?

Compliance management training educates individuals on understanding, managing, and adhering to regulatory and company-specific standards, ensuring businesses operate legally and ethically.

What is compliance training software?

Compliance training software provides a straightforward way to create personalized courses, monitor training advancement, archive essential documents, automate labor-intensive activities, and much more.

What is LMS for corporate training?

An LMS (Learning Management System) for corporate training is a digital platform that companies use to deliver, administer, and track employee training and development programs, streamlining the process of skill enhancement and knowledge dissemination within an organization.