E-learning: Employing Learning Management System to Deliver Online Learning

In the present times, e-learning is rapidly gaining importance due to many advantages that it offers, compared to conventional education. The widespread use of internet has made it easy for the instructors to provide online education to students, living far and wide. E-learning provides students the much needed flexibility to access and follow courses without hurting their daily routine. Any one who is working or is not able to enroll in the training institute due to limitation of time and distance, is immensely benefited by online learning.

Learning Management System

Keeping in the mind the vast business potential that e-learning offers to the course providers and the rich benefits, which the trainees or students can reap, it is necessary to create a platform that enables smooth flow of bidirectional flow information between trainers and trainees. This is where Learning Management System or LMS plays a crucial role. It is basically a collection of software tools that are programmed to facilitate wide range of online teaching and learning activities.

Salient Features of LMS

The Learning Management System should facilitate the course trainers to easily manage the content through proper storage, use and reuse, mechanism. To develop an effective online content management system it is necessary to host an LMS, which has following salient features:

  • Able to deliver online courses to targeted audience.
  • Manage online class transactions.
  • Track and manage online learning progress of students.
  • Able to access learning outcomes.
  • Report completion of learning tasks.
  • Manage student records.
  • Enable bi-directional flow of information between course providers and students, through an automated feedback system and helpdesk.
  • It should be SCORM compliant as this feature allows sharing of the content from different courses providers on the same LMS.

The Learning Management System provides e-learning solutions to educational institutes and online course instructors to provide people, high quality online education. The rapid advances in telecommunication technology has also thrown up new challenges for LMS and it necessary to incorporate new features in it, to provide even better online learning services through seamless and interactive connectivity between the educators and students, on a global scale.

A good Learning Management System is necessary to deliver online education.

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