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What is 2-Hour Harassment Training For Workers

Under the law, all workers in a supervisory or managerial role need to take a 2 hour sexual harassment training. This training is mandatory for all businesses with 50 or more employees. 

emPower’s 2 Hour Harassment training for employers will help you understand what harassment is, and how to tackle it in a workplace setting.  We’ll take you through the laws that you need to know. This includes the requirements under FEHA. Then, we’ll take you through different forms of prohibited behaviors. We’ll cover bullying, workplace violence, and different types of discrimination. You’ll learn about different levels of violence, and how to deal with them. 

 The 2 hour sexual harassment training also covers different types of discrimination and prohibited conducts. Throughout the training, as you go through different types of harassment, you’ll also learn how to deal with them as a supervisor or manager. Along with this, we’ll also share tips and actions that you can take to build and support an inclusive work environment.


Course Description

CategoryDiversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity
Course Name2-Hour Harassment Training For Workers
Duration30 mins
Certificate IncludedYes
Languages English
Course TypeInteractive online training
FormatLM-light, SCORM 1.2
Supported DevicesDesktop/Laptop, Tablet, Phone
Last UpdatedJune 30, 2021

What you’ll learn

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Types of harassment 
  • Stereotyping, bullying and workplace violence
  • What is Retaliation?
  • How to respond to abusive conduct
  • Employer’s responsibilities against harassment 
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • State and federal laws against harassment 


  1. Welcome to 2 hour sexual harassment training for employers
  2. What is harassment?
  3. What is retaliation?
  4. Laws, protected groups, and types of harassment
  5. Different types of workplace harassment
  6. Recognizing harassment and discrimination
  7. What is Workplace bullying?
  8. Different types of bullying
  9. Early warning signs of bullying
  10. How to act against bullying?
  11. What is workplace violence?
  12. Levels of violence and response
  13. Different types of discrimination
  14. Bullying and harassment impact
  15. What is Sexual harassment?
  16. What is Prohibited conduct?
  17. What is the difference between Intent vs perception
  18. Preventing harassment and discrimination
  19. Managing harassment and discrimination
  20. What is an inclusive workplace?
  21. What is abusive workplace conduct?

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners
  • Managers and supervisors at all levels
  • Compliance managers
  • Members of investigation committee and compliance teams

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To administer sexual harassment training to your employees, you can use your training account over emPower eLearning. First, select all the employees you want to assign the training to. Add them to the sexual harassment training group. Once done, go to ‘send email’, select the group, draft your message, and send the training notification to the group.

Federal sexual harassment training is typically mandatory for all employees and employers in workplaces covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It applies to organizations with 15 or more employees and federal contractors.

The 2 Hour Harassment Training For Employers is required for employers and managers in certain states and industries as per state laws and regulations. It helps them understand and prevent workplace harassment effectively.

The 2 Hour Harassment Training For Employers is presented as an interactive and engaging course, quizzes, and scenarios. It covers essential topics related to preventing and addressing workplace harassment effectively.

Yes, the 2-Hour Harassment Training for Employers can be customized to cater to the specific needs and policies of your organization or industry, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in addressing your unique challenges.

Employers should provide harassment prevention training to their employees at least annually. Regular training helps reinforce awareness, promotes a respectful work culture, and ensures compliance with legal requirements.