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What is electrical safety training

Working with powered tools or electric circuits carries inherent risks. Whether you’re a qualified or unqualified worker, our online electrical safety training is beneficial. Even qualified workers can use it for supplemental training.

The goal of the online electrical safety training is to create awareness about the various possibilities of electric hazard. To safeguard against possible hazards by listing various methods, thus to facilitate a safe work environment.

Throughout the course, you’ll acquire essential knowledge for safe work practices. Starting with the basics of electricity, the training covers electric shock, detailing emergency responses if you or a colleague experiences a shock.

The curriculum also addresses electric fires, providing guidance on response strategies. Finally, the training delves into hazard control, teaching you to recognize, evaluate, and manage electric hazards effectively.

Equip yourself with comprehensive skills to enhance workplace safety. This online electrical safety training ensures that you, regardless of your expertise level, are well-prepared to navigate potential risks and emergencies in your work environment.

Course Description

CategoryThe Joint Commission
Course NameElectrical Safety in Workplace
Duration30 mins
Certificate IncludedYes
Languages English
Course TypeInteractive online training
FormatLM-light, SCORM 1.2
Supported DevicesDesktop/Laptop, Tablet, Phone
Last UpdatedJune 30, 2021

What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamental principles of electricity in the context of safety.
  • Steps to follow during an electricity-related emergency.
  • Effective approaches for dealing with electric fires.
  • Techniques for minimizing electrical hazards.
  • Strategies to eliminate electrical risks.


  1. Introduction to electric safety 
  2. Common electrical safety scenario
  3. Shocking truth about electrical hazards
  4. Basics of electricity
  5. Flow of electricity
  6. Different sources of electricity 
  7. Wires and electric safety
  8. What is an electrical shock?
  9. Emergency actions if a coworker receives a shock
  10. What is electric fire?
  11. Different types of fire extinguishers?
  12. Preventing electrical hazards 
  13. How to recognize electrical hazards
  14. Never bypass electrical safeguards
  15. How to evaluate electrical hazards
  16. Controlling electrical hazards
  17. Locking or tagging out machines
  18. GFCIs, Circuit breakers, etc.
  19. Grounding systems
  20. PPE – Your last line of defense

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone working with powered tools or electric circuits
  • Qualified workers
  • Unqualified workers 
  • Safety teams

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Online electrical safety training is a structured program designed to educate individuals on safe practices when working with electricity. It covers basics, emergency response, and hazard control, ensuring a secure work environment.

Basic safety training skills include understanding emergency procedures, using safety equipment, recognizing hazards, implementing preventive measures, and fostering a safety-oriented mindset. These skills are crucial for maintaining a secure work environment.