10 Laws to Mention in Your Acceptable Use Training

If you’re developing an “Acceptable Use of IT Resources” training course (or even developing the policy itself), this blog post from TechRepublic is a very useful reference. It discusses 10 of the laws that apply to computer users (in the USA), and that might result in problems if your end-users are unaware of them.

The laws/regulations dicussed in the article include:

  1. Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA) Act
  2. No Electronic Theft (NET) Act
  3. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
  4. Court rulings regarding border searches
  5. State and federal laws regarding access to networks
  6. “Tools of a crime” laws
  7. Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying laws
  8. Internet gambling laws
  9. Child pornography laws
  10. Pro IP Act

Fascinating reading, with a lot of gray areas in some cases.

Jessica Holland

Jessica Holland

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