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Diversity and Inclusion

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What is Diversity & Cultural Sensitivity Training

Diversity in the workplace is about respecting different perspectives, work experiences, life styles, and cultures at work. In essence, diversity’s about embracing the differences between ourselves and our colleagues, using others’ talent appropriately, and creating an inclusive work culture. However, your workforce may need special diversity training to embrace such differences.

The cultural diversity & sensitivity training is designed to help you understand the key aspects of diversity and inclusion. First, we’ll look at the concept of diversity in the workplace, and why we need to embrace diversity at work. We’ll look at the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

Then, we’ll learn about inclusion, and how to create an inclusive workplace. After this, we’ll introduce you to the challenges of embracing diversity, and how to address those challenges. The cultural diversity & sensitivity training also covers discrimination. We’ll look at different legal protections put in place against workplace discrimination, and how they relate with diversity and inclusion at work.

Course Description

CategoryDiversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity
Course NameDiversity and Cultural Sensitivity Training
Duration30 mins
Certificate IncludedYes
Languages English
Course TypeInteractive online training
FormatLM-light, SCORM 1.2
Supported DevicesDesktop/Laptop, Tablet, Phone
Last UpdatedJune 30, 2021

What you’ll learn

  • What is workplace diversity?
  • Why do you need to embrace diversity in the workplace? 
  • How workplace diversity affects business?
  • What does diversity at the workplace mean for you?
  • How to cultivate an inclusive work culture?
  • What are the challenges of embracing diversity?
  • Which legal protections are available against discrimination?


  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Structure of the diversity and inclusion course
  3. Why is diversity important?
  4. Diversity and its impact on business
  5. What does diversity at the workplace mean for you?
  6. What is diversity?
  7. Cultivating an inclusive work culture
  8. Challenges of embracing diversity
  9. Why do employees need to care about diversity? 
  10. Legal protections against discrimination
  11. Protected characteristics under diversity laws
  12. Diversity laws
  13. Case Study on diversity 1
  14. Case Study on diversity 2
  15. Benefits of diversity
  16. Diversity drives business success
  17. How to embrace diversity?
  18. Conclusion

Who Should Attend?

Entire workforce regardless of their designation. This includes all staff, managers, and supervisors.

  • Diversity compliance team
  • New employees
  • Contract workers

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The cultural diversity & sensitivity training, or diversity and cultural sensitivity training is an emPower eLearning training program designed to foster inclusivity and understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds. It educates learners on cultural differences, benefits of diversity, promotes empathy, and reduces bias in workplaces.

Cultural diversity or diversity and cultural sensitivity training is education aimed at promoting understanding and respect for various cultures, helping individuals and organizations navigate multicultural interactions effectively.

The primary purpose of cultural diversity training is to foster awareness, tolerance, and inclusion among individuals and within organizations, enabling them to work harmoniously in a multicultural environment.

Diversity or sensitivity training is crucial as it cultivates empathy, reduces bias, and enhances communication skills. This fosters a more inclusive and equitable workplace, ultimately leading to improved teamwork and productivity.