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What is Information retention & Destruction

Proper retention and destruction of information play a critical role in business. This is important for different purposes; such as for financial audits, customer support, and historical audits. Most importantly, different state and federal regulations require you to keep certain records and information for as long as they are required. Similarly, you also need to pay attention to how and when you destroy records.

As you go through the information retention and destruction training, you’ll learn about the sensitive elements of record retention, including.

  • What type of information you need to retain
  • Reasons why you need to retain certain records
  • Retention time period

We’ll also look at the effect of the form on media on information retention. Then, you’ll learn about destroying records. The information retention and destruction training also cover topics such as why to destroy information, why to destroy it, and how different forms of information should be destroyed.

Course Description

CategoryInformation Security
Course NameInformation Retention & destruction
Duration30 mins
Certificate IncludedYes
Languages English
Course TypeInteractive online training
FormatLM-light, SCORM 1.2
Supported DevicesDesktop/Laptop, Tablet, Phone
Last UpdatedJune 30, 2021

What you’ll learn

  • Why information retention and destruction is so important
  • Types or records and information that you need to retain
  • Why you need to retain certain types of records
  • How long to retain information
  • Why you need to destroy information
  • How to destroy records and information properly


  1. Information Retention And Destruction
  2. Structure Of This Course
  3. What is information retention?
  4. Why Do We Retain Information?
  5. What Information Should We Worry About?
  6. What is the Retention Period?
  7. For how long should you retain a document?
  8. What is the effect Of The Form Of Media on document retention
  9. What is data migration?
  10. Where Do We Retain Information?
  11. What is information destruction?
  12. Why Do We Destroy Information?
  13. Reasons To Extend Retention
  14. Destruction Methods for destroying information
  15. The Impact Of Improper Destruction
  16. Recycling media containing sensitive information
  17. Securing The Destruction Process

Who Should Attend?

  • IT security staff who need to expand their understanding of their attack surface
  • System and network administrators who want to defend their systems against social engineering attacks
  • Staff members that use PCs, laptops, and mobile devices to connect with office network

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For every business, it’s critical to ensure that certain records are kept safe for a certain period of time. This time period is dictated by state or federal regulations, or for day to day business reasons. Similarly, documents with critical information need to be destroyed properly to protect the content of the document.

State and federal regulations dictate the time period for which you need to keep a document. Similarly, you might need to keep certain documents safe for business reasons. As you go through the information retention and destruction training, you’ll learn how to keep these documents safe.

Refer to your data retention policy to understand how to handle your documents. Every document, where it’s in paper or digital format, needs to be retained for a certain period of time. Also, how you store the document is also important. You’ll find all of the information in your data retention policy.

When creating your data retention policy, ensure that you cover the following topics.

  1. What type of information should be retained?
  2. Why do you need to retain a particular form of information?
  3. How long should a piece of information be retained?
  4. How and where to retain information?