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What LGBTQ cultural competency training

Embark on a transformative journey with our LGBTQ Cultural Competency Awareness training, a concise four-chapter course designed for heightened understanding. First, we’ll look at diversity and cultural competency. Then, we’ll delve into the essence of cultural competence, unraveling its significance in fostering inclusive spaces. We’ll help you navigate through the intricacies of LGBT concepts and definitions, demystifying the spectrum with clarity. Tackle prevalent misconceptions head-on, fostering a culture of knowledge and acceptance. Immerse yourself in the nuances of LGBT etiquette, cultivating respect and sensitivity.

As you progress through the LGBTQ cultural competency training, you’ll absorb key insights that would empower you to contribute to a more inclusive environment. To solidify your newfound knowledge, a brief yet comprehensive quiz awaits at the course’s culmination. Elevate your cultural competence and embrace diversity with confidence. Welcome to a course that transcends boundaries, fostering awareness and unity in every chapter.

Course Description

CategoryDiversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity
Course NameLGBTQ Cultural Sensitivity
Duration30 mins
Certificate IncludedYes
Languages English
Course TypeInteractive online training
FormatLM-light, SCORM 1.2
Supported DevicesDesktop/Laptop, Tablet, Phone
Last UpdatedJune 30, 2021

What you’ll learn

Dive into our “LGBT Cultural Competency Awareness Training” to grasp the essence of diversity, cultural competency, and their pivotal role. Uncover the significance of fostering key attitudes and approaches for an inclusive environment. Explore essential definitions related to LGBTQ, including Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation. Challenge and dispel common misconceptions about LGBTQ individuals, promoting a culture of understanding. Hone your skills in practicing LGBT Etiquette and utilizing respectful language. This comprehensive course equips you with vital insights, fostering a more inclusive mindset and cultural competence. Get ready to enhance your understanding and contribute to a harmonious, respectful community.


  1. LGBT Cultural Competency Awareness training
  2. Structure of the training
  3. What is diversity?
  4. What is Cultural competency?
  5. Why is cultural competency important?
  6. Key attitudes and approaches
  7. Key Definitions related with lGBTQ?
  8. What is Gender Identity?
  9. What is Gender Expression?
  10. What is Sexual Orientation?
  11. Common Misconceptions about LGBT people
  12. LGBT Etiquette
  13. Using Respectful language

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals seeking to enhance cultural competency
  • Human Resources personnel and diversity and inclusion advocates
  • Educators and school administrators
  • Healthcare professionals aiming for LGBTQ-inclusive practices
  • Corporate leaders fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • Customer service representatives engaging with a diverse clientele
  • Individuals interested in promoting understanding and acceptance
  • Anyone committed to creating environments that embrace diversity and respect for LGBTQ individuals.

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Promote inclusivity by implementing LGBTQ-inclusive policies, offering diversity training, using gender-neutral language, providing inclusive benefits, and fostering an open and accepting culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

Gender identity sensitivity training educates individuals on diverse gender identities, fostering understanding and respect. It promotes an inclusive environment by addressing biases, stereotypes, and promoting sensitivity towards people of all gender identities.

Effectively manage LGBTQ employees by creating an inclusive workplace culture. Implement non-discriminatory policies, offer diversity training, provide support networks, and ensure equal benefits. Foster an environment in which people feel that they are valued and respected by everyone.